The Survival Campaign Mode Of Pixel Gun 3D Game Has New Useful Features

The survival campaign mode of Pixel Gun 3D Game has newer and better features that you will find very interesting and useful. It is imperative that you choose the right mode of gameplay while playing this game as you will have to make the maximum kills and stay alive until the end to win a game. As it is known, the developers of the game are never complacent with their creation and keep on updating the features on a regular basis. Therefore, knowing about the developments and pros and cons of all the modes is very important so that you can have the best desired result when you play this the action game.

General Features Of Survival Campaign

There are several modes, but survival mode in Pixel Gun 3D Game is probably the best one as you have no limitation of time and the features in this mode are also better.

  • You are face to face with a lot of zombies in the form of robbers, cops, and nurses that will attack you from all sides.
  • Your objective is to kill them all so that you are the only one left alive and surviving in the end to reach the last hurdle.
  • Killing all the zombies will lead you to the evil boss of the zombies in the end whom you have to kill as well to enter to other portals in the battlefield.

The New Features  

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There are some new and better features added in the campaign mode in Pixel Gun 3D Game which is also very cool to use as well to polish your killing skills.

  • If you are a first timer, there is a training camp provided so that you can get enough practice before you are let out alone in the open.
  • The graphics are more detailed that makes the mode very realistic with new songs and cool maps to play like a forest that if full of seeds.
  • The gameplay is made more competitive and challenging with narrow passages and lanes that you have to cross.

Manage Your Resources

Like all virtual games, managing resources is another important task which you should do while playing the game. Be it a multiplayer mode or single player survival mode. You will require enough resources all the time. The game’s inbuilt activities will give you a lot of rewards, points, gems and other resources that you will see that you will seldom require the pixel gun 3d hack apk.

The Distinctive Features

There are some distinctive features in the campaign mode that makes it a better and challenging mode to select for players who like a higher level of difficulty in the Pixel Gun 3D Game.

  • The weaponry is improved with a better choice of the arm which includes AK47, Colt, heavy machine guns, MP 5 and much more which will make your character all the more powerful.
  • The type of enemies and zombies are also improved for the better which you will surely like.
  • Use of dynamic light and awesome HD graphics with new sound effects and songs which you can now hear of your headphone.

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