Mobile Strike – Achieving Resources and Rewards to form the Base for the Troops

Mobile Strike mobile game is a game that deals with modern war. You have to build a base and take control of the action while waging the war against enemies. Unless you train your troops they cannot perform well on the battlefield. If you are a new player you will have to first learn about building a strong base and upgrading the buildings. Only then you can raid your opponent’s base and attack people or join in alliances. Your win will bring in reward and glory.


The first requirement is to make essential items required for the Mobile Strike mobile game such as body armor, weapons, helmets and other accessories. These are made at the Armory and you need resource tiles to make them. These resources can be found all over the world. Just search for their locations on the map icon and get the materials.

Challenges and Rewards

Rewards are the motivating factors that help you to plan your attacks well. As you win challenges you can earn more rewards. To get leadership rewards you have to complete various tasks such as State, Basic, Alliance and Extreme challenges. When you complete a pack of actions you can earn points under basic challenges. Alliance challenges involve basic challenges that have to be completed by a single player only. Under alliance challenge you can communicate with other team under “Alliance” and you can monitor your team members to get the work done faster.

Defensive Walls

Your base is the basic factor of your army and you should have a sturdy and protective wall built around your headquarters. The wall should be able to protect you from all enemy attacks and using traps like trip wire, sandbags, barbed wires, etc. will give your base more protection. With team work and joining alliances you can help others to build and upgrade, make key improvements and level up. Alliances can make players help each other. Fill every empty space with buildings and upgrade them frequently to generate more resources. Make sure you have banks, hospitals and training grounds to put in the injured troop. Have a well built warehouse too.

Building a good Troop

Troop training is required and has to be monitored well. By allotting skill points you can encourage the troop to perform well. See to it that one part of the troop looks after your base and keeps it protected while another part of the troop is sent to enemy camp. Prioritize your plans when you train your troops so that all parts of the camp are balanced such as battle, defense and production. As you speed up you can earn mission rewards that can help you to build and update your training units. You can also make use of timer-based missions to earn rewards. Through Alliance mission you can get Funds and Loyalty. Make good use of these missions. Standard missions help you to earn basic missions but they are not fast enough.

When you earn resources either through good strategy implementation or through Mobile Strike Guide, you can easily get more experience and play your game with more zeal.

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